In this current era of big data, scientists who can manipulate and analyze large data sets are in high demand. Big data impacts most industries in Oregon and beyond. Generating, managing and analyzing big data as rapidly as possible provides companies with competitive advantages. This includes industries related to software and hardware, internet and information technology, gaming, healthcare and the services industry.

Event Sponsorship

The conference is supported by funding from the Engineering and Technology Industry Council.

The council’s mission is to make postsecondary engineering and technology education a strategic resource that fuels the Oregon economy and creates opportunity for all Oregonians. The Council establishes criteria measurements for investments from the Oregon Engineering Education Investment Fund, makes specific investment recommendations and monitors the results of these investments.

The partnership is made up of executives representing a wide variety of industries from throughout Oregon as well as leadership from Oregon public universities. ETIC works to meet statewide goals of making engineering and technology education a strategic resource fueling Oregon’s high tech and other sectors that use technology, including agriculture, healthcare, forestry, electronics, utilities and retail.

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